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Home of Ridgetown College, University of Guelph

Clay Bluffs overlooking the waters of Lake Erie near Ridgetown
Clay Bluffs overlook Lake Erie near Ridgetown


Sunrise Systems Software

Box 658
Ridgetown, ON
N0P 2C0

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About Sunrise Systems Software

In late 1996, Mike Luckham was finishing five years in Indonesia as Project Engineer of a telecommunication project with his former employer Canadian Marconi Company (now CMC Electronics Canada).

An accomplished:

  • technical programmer
  • business systems analyst and programmer
  • PC specialist
  • field service technician for electro-mechanical and electronic business machines
  • team leader & supervisor
  • key technical resource involved in negotiating complex contracts between large companies

Mike was ready to start his own business on his own terms which included a 'lifestyle decision' to live in his home town of Ridgetown, if possible.

He decided to start a 'full service' and 'professional' computer business with three complementary products:

  1. Consulting for a broad range of computer systems, services, and technologies. Contact with the computing and electronics industry to be maintained through trade magazines, reference books, Internet, trade shows, courses, and seminars.

  2. Sales and service of only very reliable, but reasonably priced, computer systems and networks. Backed by top-notch experienced technicians. Focussed on solving customer problems and preserving their investment in data and programs - not the 'band aid' approach to service taken by many small computer businesses.

  3. Custom software such as device drivers for the 'high tech' industry, business software and websites for local businesses and institutions, and software products for resale (particularly for agricultural uses).

Knowledge and experience from each aspect of the business would support the other two, allowing the business to grow and prosper.

To get and keep loyal customers the business would follow three guiding principles which any business might expect from its own employees, to build a reputation for:

  1. successful results

  2. technical competence

  3. concern for the customer's business issues and costs

Sunrise Systems Software started business in January of 1997, operating at first out of Mike's home in Ridgetown. Relying on small newspaper ads and software development contracts, business grew over the next year.

In 1998 Sunrise and Stargard Electronics jointly rented the premises at 14 Main St East. Sunrise's business increased, but Stargard found it difficult to staff two locations and after a few months Sunrise was on it's own again.

Business continued to grow and in April 2000 Jim Humphrey of Rodney area was hired as a full-time technician. Also in 2000, Sunrise became an authorized dealer for Xcelco Internet which offers excellent quality Internet access in Chatham-Kent and Sarnia area, began to offer full-service web hosting at www.sunsys.net, and began consulting for Simply Accounting. And Sunrise has recently added Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and wireless networking to it's repertoire.

Geographically, most customers are within one hour of Ridgetown, but Sunrise has customers in London and as far away as Ottawa.

Mike lives in Ridgetown with his wife Farida and young son Harris.
Teenage daughters Vicky and Julie live in Waterloo.


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