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Home of Ridgetown College, University of Guelph

Clay Bluffs overlooking the waters of Lake Erie near Ridgetown
Clay Bluffs overlook Lake Erie near Ridgetown


Sunrise Systems Software

Box 658
Ridgetown, ON
N0P 2C0

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Delivering Innovative Business Technology Products and Services
to Southwestern Ontario since 1997
Call (519) 674-1216 for Service To Your Door

  • Custom-Built Server Computers & Networks
  • Wireless Computer Networking (Indoor / Outdoor Zone Coverage / Outdoor Point-to-Point)
  • Inventory Tracking and Asset Protection Software and Equipment
  • Network Video Cameras and Servers
  • Internet Services - DSL, VPN, Email, Web Hosting, Domain Names
  • Custom Software Development (www.invisiblesoftware.ca )

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At Sunrise Systems Software we want to assist you to select appropriate equipment and technology on a case-by-case basis, to integrate that technology into your computers and network, to maintain and support the equipment throughout its life cycle, and to maintain our business relationship with you for a long time.

Look to Sunrise Systems Software to provide computer services and equipment that are good for you and your business, and what has performed well in the past for similar situations.

Our clients are interested in ROI, not one-size-fits-all or gold-plate solutions. We analyze, research, recommend, sell, install, and support quality equipment and services that are appropriate for the technical requirements, budget, and anticipation of future needs.





  • modernized inter-branch networks, helping our customers make the transition from 'green screen' terminals, slow-speed modems and muxes to today's network technology ... which is faster, more flexible, and more easily monitored and adjusted.

  • reduced Internet-related expenses and the too-many-phone-lines syndrome by implementing Internet-sharing solutions on office networks.

  • improved communication between employees and customers using e-mail, file sharing, and websites.

  • upgraded, expanded, and speeded up computer systems and networks.

  • protected data and equipment from lightning damage, virus, and hacker attacks.

  • represented our clients (as programmers and networking specialists in our own right) and worked with software and network service providers like Thede-Ward, Progressive, Growmark, Sabre, Padgett, Regal, Microsoft, Bell Nexxia, Internet Service Providers, and others to solve problems and adapt our clients' computers and networks to those of the supplier.

  • We have installed and administered mission-critical systems using Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, one with up to 50 users accessing a Windows business application over the Internet.

  • We have developed custom business solutions for our clients using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Microsoft Office Automation, and Crystal Reports.

  • We continue to introduce new technologies to our clients ... like satellite Internet, long-distance and area wireless/radio data links, Internet video cameras, thin-client Windows terminals ... and continue to work with them to analyze the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of these technologies if applied to their business.

Representing and trained on products that save money for your business


Great Free Software

Ad-Aware - Is your computer slow on the Internet? This utility by Lavasoft discovers and removes "spyware" and cookies which some websites and viruses install on your PC without your knowledge.

Spyware Blaster - prevents Active/X spyware add-ins from running

Mozilla Firefox - tired of Internet Explorer security holes? Try this alternative web browser.

Blogger.com - want a FREE WEBSITE that can be set up by practically anyone, to post pictures very easily, exchange comments, write commentary, optionally keep it private. Did I say it's FREE?

Qurb - keep spam out of your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express inbox

AVG Antivirus Free Edition - uses less of your computer's horsepower than competing products (Symantec, McAfee) and yet is a top-rated antivirus product

Housecall by Trend Micro - free online virus scan

Shields Up - test your computer's vulnerability to outside hackers for free. Follow the links to Shields Up and click the "Test My Shields" and "Probe My Ports" buttons. Also see Steve's personal firewall evaluation scoreboard.


Symantec Antivirus Information Centre

cexx.org - Adware and Spyware ... what is it and how to remove it safely. Describes the 'free' programs that put exploitive software on your computer Also see Ad-Aware above.

Microsoft Resources - click on Search and choose Search microsoft.com

Microsoft Windows Update - keep your Windows computer up-to-date - a free Microsoft service

DSL Reports - tests and tools for optimizing performance on high speed Internet connections (like Direcway!)

PC Pitstop - tools and information for PC users

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