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TAGit! -- Label Printing Software for Registered Canadian Seed Producers


TAGit! is no longer sold or supported, but you are free to download the demo.
The software is not compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Please see the System Requirements.

TAGit! is a Windows-compatible program for Canadian registered Seed Establishments. Processors can track seed lots and customers, and print CFIA tags and government Declaration Forms.

TAGit! version 3.04 was the last shipping version.

Key Benefits

  • print tags and Declaration forms
  • track tag inventory
  • be ready for CSI reviews in minutes!
  • information at the touch of a button
  • Save Time and be an Industry Leader


TAGit! version 3 supports CFIA/ACIA Declaration forms 0051, 0079, and Seed Mixture form 1160.

Declarations are automatically completed as you enter seed lot information into the computer, and transfered onto preprinted CFIA forms. Data entry follows the familiar order and format of the official declaration forms. Insert the standard form into your printer and let the computer fill in the fields!

Information for each Seed Declaration is retained for current and previous year.

Programmable Tag Layouts

  • Tag text is automatically taken from the information already entered for the Seed Declaration.
  • Tag text can be edited before printing, and is retained in the database for re-printing additional tags at a later time.
  • TAGit! keeps track of your tag inventory (new tags, tags printed and attached, destroyed tags).
  • Tag Usage Report summarizes tags printed, attached, destroyed, and still in inventory - ready in seconds for CSI reviews!
  • Comes with predefined layouts for standard tags (AGRI and CFIA formats).
  • Tag layouts can be changed and new layouts added.
  • Any information can be printed on blank tag stock.
  • Prints on single- and double-sided tags, and on adhesive labels.
  • NEW - double-width printing of Seed Name and Variety, makes tag easier to read from a distance
  • NEW - adds shift-right feature for the extended-width Tyvek tags

Other Time Saving Features

Producer names and addresses, and names for seed varieties and kinds are entered once, and are easily retrieved during entry of new declarations.

Add 'notes' to jog your memory.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/2000, 32 Mb memory recommended, 5 Mb hard disk space.

A sturdy dot-matrix printer equipped with tractor feed is recommended for printing continuous-forms cardboard tags. Epson-compatible printers are recommended, although printer control codes can be adapted to most printers. We recommend Epson FX or LQ printers, or Okidata ML series dot matrix impact printers.

Support calls for TAGit! are almost always about printers - there are so many kinds that people use. Give us a call - we will help you to determine whether they are Epson-compatible, and to get the tags printing correctly.

You can download a functional demo of TAGit!. It comes with one seed lot record which you can change to see how TAGit! works, and you can print dummy tags.

Fill out the form and click Submit. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email at the address provided containing instructions for how to download and try TAGit!.

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